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04 Mar

The speaker, Franklin Asare, CEO of TechGulf and Chairman of the AmCham Ghana IT Committee, presented an overview of TechGulf and its strategic partnership with the “best in class” data storage and archive solutions provider, Overland-Tandberg.Franklin also made a strong case for the establishment of a well-defined technology district. He cited several benefits including, fast and reliable internet, jobs, and revenue for the government.

African data should be stored, mined, managed, and leveraged in and for Africa, and we have the mandate as people, we have the mandate as professionals, to make sure that in our lifetime that happens. TechGulf is about our ability to do so by building the requisite infrastructure.”He stated that it is TechGulf’s vision to build the continent’s leading data center to assist technology companies to establish a foothold and usher Africa into the future of ICT. ‘’We are here to support Ghana’s digitisation agenda specifically, but generally do that for the whole of Africa because we are all in the same boat,’’ he added.

Video link: https://youtu.be/jDTM0JQE_F4

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