Atõ Abassah
1 min read
13 Mar

(Accra, Ghana, 13 Mar 2024) Digital Mobility Incorporated (DMI), in collaboration with TECHGULF Ghana, has successfully concluded the inaugural Security Solutions Summit Ghana at TECHGULF Ghana's office. The summit, held on March 12, 2024, brought together industry experts, thought leaders, and key stakeholders to explore the theme "Transforming Security: A Confluence of Technology and Expertise."

The summit featured distinguished speakers who shared their insights and experiences, contributing to meaningful discussions on the evolving landscape of security solutions covering a wide array of topics including Tech-Driven Evolution in Security Operations, Impact of Intelligent Mobile Patrol (IMP) Solutions on Crime Prevention. Notable speakers included Amir Azimi, Chief Operating Officer of DMI; Brian Bigras, Managing Partner of Sotera Investigative Group; and Dean Wood, Chief Product Officer of DMI.

Nadeem Basaria, President of DMI, expressed his enthusiasm about the summit's success, stating, "The Security Solutions Summit Ghana provided a platform for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among industry leaders. The discussions centered around the integration of cutting-edge technology and expertise to address the dynamic challenges in the field of security. We are proud to have played a role in fostering these conversations and contributing to the advancement of security solutions."

Franklin Asare, CEO of TECHGULF Ghana, also shared his thoughts on the summit's impact, saying, "TECHGULF Ghana is delighted to have partnered with DMI to host the Security Solutions Summit. The event showcased the power of collaboration between industry leaders and technology experts. It is through such engagements that we can collectively work towards transforming security paradigms, ensuring the safety and well-being of our communities."

The summit attracted a diverse audience, bringing together representatives from renowned private security agencies across the country and public security agencies. The interactive sessions and networking opportunities facilitated valuable connections, laying the groundwork for future collaborations in the realm of security technology.

As the summit concluded, participants left with a deeper understanding of the latest advancements in security technology and a shared commitment to enhancing security measures across various sectors.

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