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10 Nov

TechGulf has also committed to supporting the school’s data storage and management strategy with free assistance from TechGulf data consulting engineers.Dr. Patrick Awuah, the founder and president of Ashesi University, expressed his profound gratitude to the entire TechGulf family for the collaboration.

In addition, he mentioned that a collaborative effort between the staff and students will be made with respect to embarking on necessary Research, Development, and Innovative strategies, that will explore various ways to maximize and improve on the use of the technology donated with other tools.

On Friday 30th October 2020, the TechGulf family led by Dr. Asare Aboagye; a board member, and Mr. Franklin Asare; CEO of TechGulf Ghana Limited, donated to the Ashesi community; one of the Overland Tandberg flagship products; the RDX QuikStation 4.The RDX, is a reliable, durable, and portable solution, perfectly adapted for our small and medium-size business customers.This solution combines ease of use, durability, low cost, high transfer rates, and direct access to files, as well as scalability of the capacities available on the hard drive.The Removable Disk Backup series (RDX) is a removable disk-based technology providing lightning-fast backup and restore.It also offers rugged, reliable, and convenient storage for backup, archive, data interchange, and disaster recovery.

It is well-engineered to assist a business in combatting cyber-crime by its data encryption technology patent owned by Overland Tandberg.The RDX appliance will manage and protect the students’ data.TechGulf LLC is a technology company based in San Francisco in the United States and Accra, Ghana with a mandate to provide stable and secure data storage hardware and services across Africa.

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