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15 Oct

TechGulf Ghana Limited is the Accra-based operating arm of TechGulf LLC. With a strong commitment to excellence in every facet of its operations, the company sells Overland Tandberg products for the entire Africa region, developing a world-class base of distributors to support the Overland Tandberg business operation.

TechGulf is also a development partner working on a world-class Technology Park in Accra, and according to the company’s CEO, Franklin Asare, the opening of the Accra sales office marks the beginning of greater things to come.The company is committed to helping communities grow and thrive. Manned by leadership with decades of experience in developing projects and an understanding of the complicated process required to get development off the ground.Techgulf products include RDX® QuikStor® and RDX® QuikStation® Removable Disk Backup, a removable disk-based technology providing lightning-fast backup and restore. They also have Tape Libraries and Autoloaders which is the ultimate solution for a final layer in data protection and archive. Widely used, LTO Tape is recognized as the standard for final data protection processes.

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