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29 May

A 224–page book, titled ‘The Enabling Architecture for a Digital Economy’, has been launched in Accra.Co-authored by Professor Kwaku Appiah-Adu and Franklin Asare, it is a must-read for business executives, investors, academics, aspiring managers, business students and entrepreneurs.

The book is a nuanced masterpiece examining the composite set of building blocks that are critical to the development of a robust digital economy. Its special emphasis is on the developing world and offers strategic advice for institutions, economic sectors, and entire nations. The event was chaired by Dr. Ernest Addison, Governor of Bank of Ghana, with Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee as the Guest of Honour.

One cannot pursue a digital agenda without realising the need for digital knowledge and skills development. Against the backdrop of this realisation, the idea for this book, ‘The Enabling Architecture for a Digital Economy’, was birthed.

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